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Gaxhar was a lower caste Tleilaxu slig farmer who lived outside the city of Bandalong during the time of the advent to Kralizec

Slig Farmer to the Honored MatresEdit

Gaxhar regulalry delivered slig meat to the Honored Matres leader, the Great Honored Matre Hellica, since the Honored Matres had conquered Tleilax years earlier. For over 15 years, Gaxhar provided the Matres with fresh slig meat, which he would deliver personally to Hellica's assistant Ingva, in their administrative center in the Tleilaxu holy city.

Death of UxtalEdit

Later, when the New Sisterhood attacked and conquered the planet, Gaxhar and his farm were left alone since his farm was far out of the zone of battle action. Uxtal, the Lost Tleilaxu Scribe fled from the battle between the Sisterhood's Valkyries, led by Janess Idaho and Kiria and the last remnant of the Honored Matres to Gaxhar's farm.

Gaxhar had met Uxtal years earlier, and at the time, Uxtal had treated Gaxhar with disdain and contempt. Now, Uxtal took refuge under a feeding trough in one of Gaxhar's barns, and Gaxhar saw him, and planned to murder him. Uxtal was penned in the area, and as Gaxhar began feeding the sligs with the day's slop, Uxtal was engulfed with the feed, and devoured by the sligs. Later that day, Gaxhar killed the large slig that had eaten and digested Uxtal, and he and his friends ate a meal of the half-pig/half-slug creation.

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