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Garimi was an ultra-conservative Bene Gesserit sister who opted to flee the union of the Sisterhood with the Honored Matres on the no-ship inhabited by the gholas of Duncan Idaho and Miles Teg, led by Sheeana Brugh.


Garimi, along with 150 Bene Gesserit ultra-conservative sisters, decided to leave Chapterhouse after seeing what Murbella had planned to do with the Bene Gesserit and the Honored Matres. Sheeana, the leader of the ultra-conservative faction, decided to flee from the "impious" union of the two Organizations, and chose the no-ship where the Duncan Idaho ghola was captive. So, while leaving Chapterhouse, the no-ship was located by the Net of the two mysterious old man and woman: Daniel and Marty. Thanks to Duncan Idaho's skills, the no-ship escaped to the Unknown Universe, leaving behind the Net, and their owners.

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