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Gamont was the third planet of the Niushe system, as Grumman was the second. During the time of the Faufreluches, it was a planet noted for its hedonistic culture and exotic sexual practices.

People were singing and natives were putting strings of beads around the visitors' neck, used to pay for things on Gamont. Visitors who were B.G. always get their beads in plain envelopes. The whole place was divided into "little worlds" where one could pretend he were someone in the past or future. Such worlds were Eden, Nantucket, Harem World.

Sardaukars of Salvation playing music and handed out pamphlets and passing the tambour, talking to persons leaving the planet. They were forbidden to talk to persons coming in.

The world was later conquered by the Honored Matres, prior to their merger with the Bene Gesserit.

Discoveries concerning Gamont from the Rakis Finds were widely publicized in the popular press and Hadi Benotto decided not to put much information in the Dune Encyclopedia. Instead they presented the same picture seen from a different viewpoint, from a diary discovered in the House Corrino records, transferred to Arrakis during the Atreides Imperium.

Gamont calendar has a week of 7 days: Funday, Manday, Twosday, Womanday, Threesday, Tryitday and Satyrday.

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