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The Front for the End of Koman Exploitation was a Komos rebel organization against Richese instituted by Jehanne Butler and Thet'r Butler.

Joining her gifts of rhetoric and his administrative abilities, Jehanne and her husband begun the formation of a secular organization after the artificially induced abortion of their daughter, Sarah, caused by a thinking machine director of the hospital. Jehanne approached Urania, the priestess of Kubebe to create a movement against the domination by Richese, appalled by the evidence concerning the actions of the hospital director.

They made a coup during the tribute collection week; they seized the tribute fleet for transport to Richese and executed an intricate plan which achieved bloodless victory. They discovered the situation there: over the centuries, machines came to control the population and had altered the emotional and intellectual characteristics. The chief programmers and scientists had been mostly willing participants in the actions of the machines in altering the population of the planet.

These revelations resulted a change in the ranks of the rebels, principally with the aid of the priestesses of Kubebe, and produced the Butlerian Jihad.

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