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Fremkit - Dune board game illustration

A Fremkit is effectively a desert survival kit. The Fremkit is a pack devised by the Fremen for survival in the open desert. With proper techniques, one can survive for weeks with this kit. Paul and Jessica used one when they were cast out of Arrakeen. They were able to stay alive in the desert before they met Stilgar in his sietch.

Fremkit contents[]

A Fremkit contains the following:

Fremkits are primarily reserved for the aforementioned desert survival tools, collected, neatly arranged and carried in a practical, durable travel bag or backpack. Shorter melee weapons (such as crysknives) and smaller ranged sidearms (such as Maula pistols) are usually carried on a belt (or bandolier) in a scabbard or a holster, but can also be carried inside a fremkit if there is still enough space left inside. The Maker hooks are reserved exclusively for wormriding, but can be used as improvised melee weapons in emergency situations.

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