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Frelo Mason (105 BG29 BG) was a man from Tupile. He was a swarthy, handsome and cunning with ambitions, lacking the characteristic Tupilian desire for a settled life.

When he was 5 years old, the exiles of Komos led by Aurelius Venport came to Tupile in 100 BG. Eventually he joined the Society of Mystic Mariners.

He and his companions possessed a keener awareness of what the universe had to offer and harbored interstellar ambitions equal to those of the Koman exiles. When Aurelius Venport was lost in space in 79 BG, Mason assumed command of the dispirited Society and transformed it into a predominantly Tupilian organization serving Tupilian needs as he defined them. He became the founder of the Spacing Guild

He put Dardanius Leona Shard to death but the remaining Komans continued to fill valuable roles in the Society, enjoying the authority they had exercised before (although Mason objected), a leavening the group with their idealism.

Under Mason's leadership, the Society remained a closed hierarchy with strict entrance requirements protecting their Society's integrity, discipline and mystique. By the time of his death the Guild was well along toward goal of the Komans: an interstellar shipping monopoly, moving swiftly and safely through hyperspace.

Leadership of the strong and well-organized Guild passed smoothly to Frelo's son Jasta Mason, who inherited his father's abilities as well as ambitions.


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