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Fredhrick V was the son of Emperor Avelard XIII whom he succeeded to the Golden Lion throne in 7798 AG.

During his rule, he watched a performance by Alberto Ginaztera and was so taken with the troupe that he ordered Alberto to base his operations on one of the major worlds near Salusa Secundus, and to give at least one performance annually for the Imperial Presence and his private guests. Hence, the Ginaztera Company became the only officially recognized entertainment group sanctioned by the Emperor himself. Ginaztera himself was granted an estate on Gioia, and named Lord Ginaztera in the minor nobility.

At hearing the news of Alberto's death in 7844 AG, Fredhrick is said to have wept for days, saying "the hope of laughter has vanished from my world forever." Historians note that Fredhrick aged rapidly over the next few years, and was an embittered recluse by the time he died in 7849 AG.

He was succeeded by his son, Fredhrick VI.

Preceded by
Avelard XIII
Emperor of the Known Universe
7798 AG-7849 AG
Succeeded by
Fredhrick VI