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Frank Herbert's Dune

Frank Herbert's Dune (based on the Sci Fi Channel miniseries of the same name) was an effort to create a 3D action game in the Dune universe. The game was not a commercial or critical success, and was the last product by Cryo Interactive; The studio went bankrupt shortly after the game's failure.

As Paul Atreides, the son of the Duke Atreides's concubine and heir to the throne, the player must earn the trust and respect from the natives of the planet Dune, the Fremen, to ultimately become their prophesied Messiah, Muad'Dib, and free them from the desolate conditions of the planet. Done that, there still is the evil Baron Harkonnen to overcome; he, with covert backup from the Emperor, slaughtered the Atreides family.

The story behind each mission is accurate to the novels, though taking place during the two-year span in Dune where Paul gains the trust of the Fremen.

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