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The First Republic was a period of the middle-years of the Imperium which was perhaps a result of a revolution.

In 4381 AG Alman VIII and Harilan were deposed from the throne perhaps by the rebels. Baron Kleomenes VI Atreides was executed before the inauguration of the First Republic. Houses Major and Minor suffered in subsequent massacres.

During its years, the House Atreides was withdrawn from Hestia to the colony of Gallatin.

By the year 4400 AG most of the bloodshed was over. Ezhar V claiming descent from Ezhar IV caused a revolt in 4404 AG and ruled until 4411 AG. He would be followed years later by Menemtahe VII (4481 AG to 4482 AG) and then Costin IX (4506 AG).

In 4492 AG the Landsraad leaders of the First Republic wished Poritrin as a new homeworld for House Alexin whose native world, Pelouzen, had been rendered uninhabitable by a series of semi-legal atomics tests, expelling the Zensunnis there.

Atreus Atreides Atreides rallied the Sardaukar around his claims and mounted a coup d'état in early 4552 AG. He proclaimed himself emperor, ending the First Republic and beginning the House of Atreus Corrino.

Preceded by
Interregnum of 3544 AG-3584 AG
Events and Periods of History
4381 AG - 4552 AG
Succeeded by
Second Republic
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