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The First Hrethgir Rebellion was a prolonged conflict that occurred on the planet Walgis over approximately 9 years (between the years 1192 BG and 1183 BG) approximately 100 years after the start of the Time of Titans. It occurred between some members of the native human population and the Titan forces, led by the Titan Ajax.

Cause and Outcome[edit | edit source]

The conflict was almost certainly triggered by unhappiness at Ajax' rule of the planet. The rebellion spread to Corrin and Richese and saw Alexander and Tamerlane destroyed by slaves. During the rebellion Ajax had the tacit approval of his fellow Titans, who saw the uprising as a dangerous precedent.

The Rebellion ended in a decisive victory for Ajax' forces. But due to his unquenched rage over the rebellion, Ajax hunted down and killed every human living on the planet, regardless of their involvement in the uprising.

Consequences[edit | edit source]

The consequences of the Rebellion were significant. After word of the Titans' brutality reached other worlds in the young Titan empire the appetite for freedom was overwhelmed by fear. The rebellion amplified the Titans' existing feelings that humans were beneath them, and were not to be trusted. It also led to Hecate abandoning the Titans and departing into uncharted space.

But the most profound impact was unquestionably the rise of Omnius and the thinking machines. During the rebellion on Walgris, the Titan Xerxes invested too much control in the AI network on Ix, and allowed it to reach a critical level of sentience. The network, adopting the name 'Omnius' for itself, quickly spread to other planets and soon emasculated the Titans.

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