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The First Empire was an era of humanity on Terra. It was started by Aleksandr (Alexander III of Macedon, or "Alexander the Great").

A millennia-long period that saw humanity's advance, there was a brief interval in the Century Without an Emperor. The Imperial Seat changed many places such as Byzantium (15800 BG), Madrid, London and Washington D.C., and eventually Ceres after Terra's destruction.

During 13004 BG, the Suspensor-nullification effect was discovered by a computer, the Verifax Mark II (known millennia later in fragmentary records as the "Verifax Marktoo").

It took about a century of experimentation and guesswork before Imperial navigators learned how to operate the suspensor-nullification effect field, because it was considered an Imperial secret, and jealously guarded. Eventually the secret was leaked, and House Ceres and its most powerful and influential allies began a program of exploration and exploitation greater than any other since the beginning of the empire.

However, this use of the suspensor-nullification device doomed the first Empire, which collapsed after 3,000 years[1] of continuous rule in space. The centrality crucial to Imperial administration was impossible to maintain when there was no quick method of communication from one end of the Empire to the other.

Communications became strained during 12200 BG and the Empire of Ten Worlds. The Empire dissolved totally in 11200 BG and the Empire of a Thousand Worlds




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