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Firenza Thorvald was the fourth wife of the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV, and was a Lady of House Thorvald, of the planet Ipyr. Firenza's brother was the Earl Memnon Thorvald, and leader of the family.

Marriage to Shaddam IV[edit | edit source]

Firenza was described as a woman of no great beauty or distinction, but that her pear-shaped body may lend itself to producing Corrino male offspring for the Throne. It was unknown to both Shaddam and to Firenza that Shaddam was completely sterile, having been rendered thus over a decade earlier by Shaddam's first wife, Lady Anirul Corrino

Nonetheless, in 10,187 AG, Firenza married Shaddam, who had just been widowed three times over the previous decade. The Imperial Wedding was attended by most of the nobility of the Imperium, except for House Atreides. At the time, Duke Leto I was arranging for his own marriage to the noble daughter of House Ecaz, Ilesa. It was at the Imperial Wedding Reception that the clandestine alliance between House Moritani and House Harkonnen was forged. This alliance over the next few months led to the War of Assassins of 10,187 AG.

It is not known how long Firenza lived after her wedding to Shaddam, but she was already dead just a few years later, when Shaddam decided to destroy House Atreides in 10,191 AG.

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