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Feyd-al Feyd - Fan Art

Feyd al-Feyd (d. 1051 AG) was a Bashar of the Sardaukar from Ibleam III.

In 1027 AG during a rupture within their forces, Feyd supported by his demicousin Aleksandr IV Harkonnen, elected to the Imperial throne as Feyd I after Audrii II.

He killed all close Imperial relations and suspended the Landsraad. Feyd returned the favor by having Aleksandr executed two years later, and placing his small son in a foster home, raised without the knowledge of his father's background.

A Civil War begun when Counts Demetrios IX Atreides and Paulos II Atreides tried to organize a resistance to his rule and Feyd branded them as traitors. His homeworld was hastily attacked by rebel Sardaukar but the revolution was crushed by Imperial Fleet reserves. Feyd then responded with high penalties to the House Atreides members.

Paulos II fled with the last survivors of the Imperial House and conducted running battles with very little success.

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Preceded by
Audril II
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
1027 AG - 1051 AG
Succeeded by
Estil II
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