Ezhar Corrino VII

His Supreme Imperial Majesty, Ezhar Corrino VII is one of the earliest Padishah Emperors of the Known Universe who ruled over the planet Kaitain for several generations, and the defensive protector of the Imperial House Corrino.

The Four Spire Palace was said to be built in 5290 A.G. for only springtime and summertime, and it is one of the oldest surviving structures on Kaitain with its golden dome illuminated at night during the rising of the full moon.

A real fact and a false rumor has that a few millennia later, the Imperial Crown Princess Irulan Corrino I, the eldest daughter of the 81st Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV and Lady Anirul Corrino, had already used this Palace as a private retreat for herself just to be away from the Imperial Court at Corrinth City, the planet's capital city so that she can continue to practice her Bene Gesserit training lessons through a serene meditation.

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