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Era of the Princes (1701 AG-2191 AG) was a long line of chaos concerning the Emperors of House Corrino. The Imperial throne suffered from multiple and brief alterations of rulers, dethronements and usurpations. The protagonists of that era was the first House of Corrin Corrino.

The chaos was caused by the machinations of Achilleus Atreides, the richest man in the Imperium, who used his power to reduce the power of Corrin IV. His grandsons brothers Philipos III and Markos of House Atreides, continued the policy of preventing any person from achieving great power, and forced a rapid turnover in the occupants of the Imperial Chair. This was tied with an economic ascendancy of the House Atreides.

Sidir XIII decided to stop the Atreides and had Maximos Atreides killed during an audience, but his son, Peleus Atreides, avenged him by poisoning Sidir in his bed, ending thus the line of House of Corrin Corrino.

It was followed by a brief second Interregnum from 2191 AG to 2197 AG and eventually the House of Shahrukh Corrino.

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1701 AG - 2191 AG
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House of Shahrukh Corrino