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The Enemy was the reborn Thinking Machine Empire, and the revealed malevolent force that directed the war against the Honored Matres and humanity, and was responsible for the Matres fleeing back into the Old Imperium. Since the Return of the Honored Matres caused violent upheaval and chaos to those who lived in the Old Empire, it was not initially know by peoples and groups of the Imperium; or remembered by the Matres, who or what is was the Matres were fleeing from.

Trying to Capture the IthacaEdit

After Murbella announced to both the Honored Matres and the Bene Gesserit that the two groups were to merge, Sheeana Brugh and her conservative wing of the organization decided to hijack the no-ship, the Ithaca, located on Chapterhouse, and launch into space. As the vessel escaped from the Gesserit homeworld, the acting pilot of the vessel, the final ghola of Duncan Idaho saw two mysterious figures try to ensnare the ship in their tachyon net.

The two beings, whom Idaho named the Enemy, named themselves Daniel and Marty. They were the Machine leaders, Omnius and Erasmus, looking through the cosmos from their capital home-world of Synchrony, and they were continually on the look out over the next two and a half decades to capture the vessel.

Revealed to MurbellaEdit

The violent nature of the Honored Matres coming back to traditional human space, and the record worlds that they destroyed; by its' very nature, prohibited the gathering and storage of information. The combined group, the New Sisterhood began the reconquest of human space back from the Matres by attacking their rebel strongholds one by one. Simultaneously, Murbella raised the "red flag" among the traditional power brokers of human kind; CHOAM, the Guild, the foundry planets of Ix and Richese; but most leaders ignored her warnings about an un-seen Enemy.

The clues that the Sisterhood's leadership had were that the Matres were fleeing from an unstoppable power, and that they had need of the Bene Gesserit skill of cellular manipulation. After 16 years, the last and largest rebel Matres stronghold of Tleilax fell to Murbella and her daughter Janess Idaho, and Murbella finally had access to ancient information about the Honored Matres. While deep in a spice trance Murbella searched Other Memory and learned of Lenise; Lenise's attack on the reborn Machine Empire; and the Machine's devastating counter-attack with weapons and the deadly Omnius Scourge. After decades, Murbella announced to humanity that the Great Outside Enemy was human-kind's ancient foe, Omnius.

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