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"The Enemy" was a malevolent force or forces that directed the war against the Honored Matres, and was responsible for them fleeing back into the Old Imperium. Since the Return of the Honored Matres caused violent upheaval and chaos to those who lived in the Old Empire, it was not known by them, or remembered by the Matres, who or what is was the Matres were fleeing from.

After Murbella announced to both the Honored Matres and the Bene Gesserit that the two groups were to merge, Sheeana Brugh and her conservative wing of the organization decided to hijack the No-ship located on Chapterhouse. As the vessel escaped from the Gesserit homeworld, the acting pilot of the vessel, Duncan Idaho saw two mysterious figures try to ensnare the ship in some sort of net - the two beings, whom Idaho named the "Enemy", named themselves Daniel and Marty.

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