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Cogitor fan art by NEWATLAS7 on DeviantArt

The electrafluid was a special liquid used to keep the brains of the Cogitors (and later cymeks) alive, even after removal.

The brains of the Cogitors were put in jars full of electrafluid. The liquid provided all the nutrients and life-extension prerequisites to keep the brain alive. The liquid also had such a quality, that made visible the mental activities (as shimmering buzz) inside it.

Electrafluid also had some interesting properties. If an individual (usually a Secondary) dipped a part of their body into a brain-occupied electrafluid, the liquid would connect the brain with that person's neural system, allowing them to feel the brain's thoughts and speak on its behalf. The electrafliud therefore was a neural 'bus'.

Electrafluid was contained also in the Preservation canisters of the cymeks.

The best quality of electrafluid was manufactured on Hessra by the Secondaries of the Ivory Tower Cogitors.


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