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Elecrans are large tentacled and electrically charged monsters that live in the seas of Caladan. It is said that few exist, and they are seen rarely even by deep sea fisherman. Most people on the planet consider them myths.

One of the earliest famous encounters between humans and an elecran occurred during the Butlerian Jihad. While Estes Atreides and Kagin Atreides, the twin sons of Vorian Atreides were out on their first fishing expedition with their maternal grandfather and adoptive father Kalem Vazz, the four were attacked by an elecran. Vazz saved the other three, but nobly died in the process.


Elecrans appear to be only partially corporeal, able to hold any sort of form only when in contact with water (although they appear to lose stability and form when in less contact with water). While they are complex creatures that are alive in the simplest sense of the word, they posses no sort of cells and apparently exist only as electrical energy. How any sort of cognitive or living process is accomplished by such a creature, is not known. It would not be too bold however to guess that they are highly territorial, and few of them could possibly exist in the oceans of Caladan.

Encounters Edit

Many centuries later, a boat containing Duke |Leto Atreides, Thufir Hawat, Rhombur Vernius and Victor Atreides was attacked by one of the elusive monsters. Fisherman on the boat reiterated what they knew from the tales they had heard and Leto was able to formulate a plan to kill the thing. The Elecran was eventually killed, with no casualties.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Little information is known about the elecran as it is rarely mentioned in the novels. In fact in the novels by Frank Herbert it is only spoken of once, and never appears. The creature is given more mentions in the prequel novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, but even these are scarce.

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