El'hiim (b. 174 BG) the son of Selim and Marha. His father suggested his name shortly before his death and instead he grew with his foster father, Ishmael.

Ishmael saved El'hiim's life during his childhood. El'hiim became stuck in a crevice with a group of scorpions. Ishmael saw this dilemma in a spice vision and rushed to find El'hiim. In the effort to save the boy; Ishmael was stung several times and was thought near death. He did recover, but as noted below, he and El'hiim only grew apart.

When El'hiim grew up, Marha died and she had made Ishmael swear to shelter and advise her son. But Ishmael perhaps had applied too much pressure, unwittingly forcing him to turn in another direction. El'hiim stowed aboard a VenKee ship that took him to distant worlds-including Poritrin.

He returned but was forever changed by the new experiences and was radically different than his father. Naib El'hiim trusted offworlders and insisted that they should buy commodities by trading spice.

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