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Edric, the Guild Navigator, as he appeared in David Lynch's 1984 movie 'Dune'

Edric was a Navigator in the Spacing Guild, and a conspirator in a failed plot to kill Paul Atreides and end the young Atreides Empire.

Due to his relative power within the Guild, and his ability to elude Paul's prescience abilities, Edric was a principle conspirator. However, the group's plot was discovered and revealed to Paul by his Fremen friend and faithful follower Otheym. After Paul was blinded by a stone burner and disappeared into the desert, Edric was killed by Stilgar, along with all the participants of the Conspiracy orchestrated by the Bene Gesserit (lead by Gaius Helen Mohiam), the Bene Tleilax (headed by Scytale), the Spacing Guild (headed by Edric himself), Fremen detractors (headed by Korba) and Princess Consort Irulan Corrino.

It seems that even after the events of Dune Messiah, the lineage of Navigator Edric survived for many years, even after the Famine Times and the Scattering, for in Chapterhouse: Dune, the Jewish Rabbi, who gave sanctuary to the fugitive Reverend Mother Lucilla, informed her that the Honored Matres had under their command a Navigator, "one of the Edrics". Later, during the events of Hunters of Dune, the Guild Navigator Edrik claimed in presence of the Mother Commander Murbella that among his ancestors was the Edric who engaged negotiations with Emperor Paul Muad'dib.

Film Canon Edit

In the 1984 David Lynch film Dune Edric was classified as a Class 3 Navigator and had a small but vital role in the film. He visited Emperor Shaddam IV in the beginning of the film and asked information about the plot against House Atreides. After Shaddam explains it, Edric adds a detail: Paul Atreides must be killed. He leaves after that, leaving a confused Shaddam and Reverend Mother Mohiam behind(Mohiam subsequently goes to Caladan). Later in the movie, Edric is seen to be the Guild Navigator who takes House Atreides to Arrakis.

In the Sci-Fi Miniseries Dune, a Guild Navigator (possibly Edric) is seen taking House Atreides to Arrakis though he appears completely different from the Edric in the sequel. In this version, he has hair, a green face, blue eyes, giant wings and a skeleton underneath.

In the Sci-Fi miniseries Children of Dune, Terrence Stone voiced the Guild Navigator Edric. On the miniseries, Edric appears as the ambassador of the Spacing Guild, offers the ghola of Duncan Idaho as a gift to Emperor Paul Atreides, and tries to intervene in favor of Reverend Mother Mohiam's fate, but his claims are rejected by Alia. Later, he's executed by Fremen soldiers who make a hole on his chamber with a hammer, and thus the spice leaves the Navigator's chamber, killing him.

Edric as depicted in Children of Dune miniseries.


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