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Ebrahim (d. 202 BG) was a Zensunni boy on Arrakis in Naib Dartha's tribe. The son of a respected tribal father, had too many siblings for anyone to pay attention to him. Perhaps to compensate, Ebrahim got into a lot of trouble himself, constantly testing the limits of the Naib's restrictions while cleverly making sure the worthless waif Selim was around, just in case someone needed to be blamed.

Once, Selim had found a melted knob of fused circuitry, obviously from an exploded ship. It had been sand-scoured into an unusual, colorful conglomerate. He had wanted to give the trinket to Glyffa, the old woman who had sometimes taken care of him. But Ebrahim had grabbed the fused component and rushed off to show it to Naib Dhartha, asking if he could keep it as a treasure. Instead, the Naib had taken it from him and tossed it into a pile sold to a scrap merchant. No one had given a thought for Selim.

One day Ebrahim found an unattended literjon of water and drunk it, something that was considered a very important crime among the Zensunni tribes of Arrakis, since water was scarce and vital. The shame would be very grave if he was accused. It was decided between his father and Dhartha that it would be better if the blame would go on an orphan, Selim. Expelled from the sietch as a water stealer.

Selim was humiliated and condemned and with a steel walking stick and some rocks, left the sietch and wandered on the desert.

Once, with his friend Mahmad and Dhartha, while looking for spice in the desert, they witnessed one of the probes sent by Giedi Prime-Omnius, hitting the sand. They approached and saw the makeshift mechanical factory assembling itself consuming sand and rocks. Mahmad and Ebrahim tried to approach but Dhartha held his son back. Ebrahim on the contrary, approached too close and a ray incinerated him.


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