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#REDIRECT [[Earth/XD]]
[[Image:earth_planet.jpg|thumb|Planet Earth]]
'''Earth''', also called '''Old Earth''' or '''Old Terra''', is the third planet located in the Sol star system. The human race originated here. It was where the [[Commission of Ecumenical Translators]] converged to assemble the [[Orange Catholic Bible]] after the [[Butlerian Jihad]].
The planet Earth is referred to as "no longer [existing]" by the [[Leto Atreides II|God Emperor Leto II]] in his [[Stolen Journals]], and as being "gone" (along with many of mankind's other former ancestral worlds) by the [[Bene Gesserit]] [[Reverend Mother]] [[Darwi Odrade]] when conversing with the young [[Miles Teg]] [[ghola]], which suggests that the planet is no longer inhabited by the time period of ''[[Chapterhouse: Dune]]'' (several thousand years since the era of [[Paul Atreides]]).
== Behind the Scenes ==
* [[Ghanima Atreides|Ghanima]] and [[Leto Atreides II|Leto Atreides]], in a private moment between them, speak French, implied to be nearly an extinct language.
* The [[Bene Gesserit]] Sisterhood possessed what was thought to have been an original Vincent Van Gogh oil painting ([[Thatched Cottages at Cordeville|"Thatched Cottages at Cordeville"]]).
* [[Paul Atreides]] suggests [[Stilgar]] look into historical references of Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler for a comparison to Paul.
* References to animals and plants taken from Earth and reseeded on other worlds, sometimes genetically modified (such as [[laza tiger]]s).
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