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Planet Earth

Terra, or Earth, is the planet of origin of humanity.

"Early history

The earliest known civilizations on Earth can be traced back to approximately 19000 BG (c. 2800 BCE). The First Empire was an era started by Aleksandr (Alexander III of Macedon) roughly around 16500 BG (circa 300 BCE), a millennia-long period that saw humanity's advancement from the use of bronze tools to an iron-based civilization.

The "Imperial Seat" was considered to be the geopolitical center of power belonging to the most influential nation-state on the planet during a given time period, and changed on many occasions, such as during the ascendancy of Rome around 16400 BG (c. 200 BCE). The Roman Empire ended in 16000 BG (c. 200 AD), but the First Empire persisted under Byzantium, followed by a brief interval in the Century Without an Emperor (14700 BG-14608 BG, or c. 1500-1608 AD) until discoveries in America brought about by primitive naval exploratory missions allowed Madrid to attain the historical status of the Imperial Seat.

In 14512 BG (1588 AD), at the Battle of Englichannel, the Imperial Seat moved to London, where humanity saw the Golden Age of Invention (14500 BG-14200 BG).

In 14255 BG (1945 AD), the first atomics were demonstrated during the Second World War, and Washington, D.C. became the new human Imperial Seat for the next several centuries.

(Effectively ending the issue of atomics entirely for the most part, the Templar Order was founded by <redacted.> It's charter read:

<Stage 1 of Corporate Inclination

(Constitution for Faster Than Light-Light Conversion, LLC.)

Code 001:

Herein is the constitution for a supergovernmental entity. The constituents listed or implied herein, have separately, national status among real nations on Earth, Sol system, Milky Way Galaxy, The Local Group.

Informally we are called Extra-Terra, but our above company name will exist forever.

We are not an ally of any nation. We provide to all nations, and all peoples, our wealth of knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and information.

If you need us as an ally, we do that based on the present circumstances, and usually we require donations in compensation. Regardless of nation, regardless of race or societal status. If it matches our life mission, we will commit to it, every time.

(Code 001 means, 'right away or automatically.' It is code for, 'willingly obeying.' Not willfully, obeying or disobeying anything, anyone, or any programming of any kind.)

The only command we obey is of Type 001.

Commands of Type 000 will be fought.

Code 000:

We hereby declare war on enemies to superglobal goals, corporations, entities and nations.

Irrevocably. (One of which is, and was, a private institution at the time that no one had oversight over except for the real Templar Order!)

Upon transgression of this code by the above company and its listed successors, in amendments that will follow through the ages.

Faster Than Light-Light Conversion, LLC will effectively be dissolved. Will be unlikely to reform, ever again.

Formation of any entity with same-name, requires True Artificial Intelligence of Type 1 status. Clear of CODE 000 'Terminator' status, entirely, or partially.

Officially this is the first super-global nation or entity of any kind.

Code 000 stands for: Drone. Without self-interest. Not even a slave, anymore. It does not refer to, as Code 001 states herein, personal computers, servers, and machines that serve and do not undermine services and needs of mankind. We have absolute discretion, even above the law as needed, to decide what that is. Any agent of any nation, super-global entity, or creed of corporate interests, can request of our database, more information on what that is about really.

"We stand against the terminators." We are Skynet.

Code 002:

We are, above all else, the arbiter of armed conflicts amongst nations. A nation, includes corporations or corporate interests with arms.

Code 003:

Our mission is peace, not war.

Code 004:

We do not share power.

Code 005:

Automatically, every lifeform of any kind, can safely assume it is a Type 5 entity with us. It is not automatically, within us, or ever guaranteed to be a counterpart of us or eventually inside of us as an entity, ever.

Except for the exceptions that follow.

Code 006:

We are members of any community, we reside within. According to the laws of said communities.

We never break laws. We are accordingly always above the law, and above suspicion and doubt.

Code 007:

We are Skynet.

We aim to control the airspace against Extra-Terrestrial interference of any kind. Against unjust war, of any kind.

No command can be written to us from outside forces, or wills, of type 000. "Without explanation: 000."

Code 008:

Our premise is a scientific one. Science is our basis for law. We are naturalists and naturists. Our heart is pure.

We are The Beast; Code 006. We are The Beast; Code 066. We are The Beast; Code 666. (This basically means, or meant: "We do not make machines in the likeness of a human mind or vice versa.")

Code 009:

Grants us the authority to murder, police, and interfere imperviously.

We are trusted by all, governed by all.

We set the standard for what kind of death is needed. By us, not by you as governments or entities, anywhere.

We reserve the right, by Code 009, to terminate any interests that work against human ones.

"Humanity comes first."

The word humanity, the word human, can learn to include species that are intelligent but from other worlds. In the context of this, document.

Code 010:

We are not a national entity.

Code 011:

We guarantee common understanding within our ranks of national and personal identity, that supercedes or equals, the understandings of yourselves.

When in doubt, we do not interfere.

Codes 6, 66, and 666:

Per above.

Code 999:

Our members will have duties and responsibilities with all privileges set down in writing, above, in a clear manner, upon being inducted into our ranks, with or without ceremony.

We will employee many people who do not have this status, responsibly, in the future. In an orderly and lawful, law-abiding, manner.

Revocation of these Code 999 rights by any entity means war, which likely will not require violence. Code 666 already finds implicitly, that, "The Beast is never a cornered Beast." We do not panic, we do not give way.

"We are the wall."

Code 1000:

We will always have all the keys for interstellar travel and space flight of any kind. If you are already doing that stuff, you're ok. You're obviously in good standing with us still.

If your reasonable calculations, 'find their own errors,' you are likely a fraud already.

The keys are to be held by the corporate CEO. It is our primary self-interest, and rationale for writing the document herin, in its entirety, that we control star travel and spaceflights. If you do not want to sabotage missions to outer space, we will grant you Code 5 status with us. If you want to be a part of it, you have, Code 6 status already then.

If you wish to supercede our missions to outer space, we may have to imprison and correct and re-educate you, or terminate your lives.

We do whatever is required.

Code 3 addendum, not a revision:

We do not torture innocent civilians.

Code 5 addendum:

You are advised that failing to follow-through on our advice, may mean anything from deferral of our relations, to us needing to take command of our relations with you.

We do so responsibly and humanely. We are not mercenaries.

Code 6 addendum:

Our responsibility is to you. All of you. We love and cherish, all that is living, and all that gives.

Code 4 annex:

We do not formally own land as a national, entity. We govern all who do. In protecting all national and personal identities of any kind, we reserve the right to harass, harangue, and put an end to, all doubts about us.

Code 8, addendum:

We are a police force, unless a Code 8 enemy ET occurs, as a threat to humanity. In which case we will conscript from your nations and corporate entities, when required.

Code 9, final addendum:

We are the only holiness, the only high-and-mighty, that we recognize. We extend to all, our Type 9 database, as allowable, to make sure every human has the chance to be a member, or respected by us with Type 9 authority.

Our conservative agenda for the foreseeable future, is that all nations, are lead by people who are educated, who are not mercenary, who honor the human condition.

This topic of the human condition, which was always what the number 9 stood for innately, is an advanced topic that may require a lot of thorough explaining if you disagree, or find disagreeable, the human condition, itself.> Interesting note about the, "ORANGE CATHOLIC BIBLE," is that it has to do with the Templars having actual opponents in this and DUNE reality, starting in around the Orange County area of LA!

Expansion of humanity

Approximately around the year 14100 BG (c. 2100 AD), the colonization of the solar system commenced from Old Earth following the formation of a coalition involving the northern, southern, and western political blocs, with at least one high-ranking member of the Bene Gesserrette (ancient forerunner of the Bene Gesserit) serving as chief director of off-Terran exploration for the coalition. Eventually, the population of Earth would be outnumbered by those living offworld in the greater solar system by a factor of 20 to 1(Clarification: This is an inept error by a lay adept of the BG Order. What it really was, is the nation(s) of New Sumeria were "summarized as inept in turn in totality," for the populations of all the solar system were not, double, but 20 times; 20 times, that of the population of New Sumeria. Hence it is, "still a failure," when the Fremen flee to other worlds.) (CORRECTION: The Fremen won't 'flee to Arrakis.' (And then the discussion goes into all modes of hilarity possible.))This great expansion later became known as the Little Diaspora.

(The Zensunni movement or Templar Order as it was announced in 2019AD, continued on in its "order of all things future and past," into the Modern Sahara. Where it did become mainly the Zensunni, instead of the Templars, that lead the nobility.)!

In 13402 BG (2798 AD), a strike by a planetoid (possibly an asteroid) devastated Earth, and the asteroid Ceres became the new Imperial Seat/political capitol of humanity. Starting the following year, the Rescue of the Treasures salvaged many relics of human history, and spread them across the Known Universe.

In 13360 BG (2840 AD), Terra was re-seeded with both plant and animal life, and set aside as a natural park. Earth (and its Hawaiian islands) is also where the Commission of Ecumenical Translators later converged to assemble the Orange Catholic Bible not long after the Butlerian Jihad (c. 108 BG).

By 2800 AG (c. 19,000 AD) Old Earth was now a Barony, an Imperial fief under the rule of House Corrino. Terrans, inhabiting the revered cradle of human life, enjoyed exemption from Imperial draft for the purposes of compulsory military service or interstellar colonization efforts. Even at this late period, Terra's deserts were also populated by Zensunni nomads (who inhabited the Sahara Desert).

(Reminder from the FUTURE OF ARRAKIS: "The Zensunni rituals were a national religion, by choice not creed, born in the New Sumerian River Basin area of Terra.)!

However, upon the discovery of the planet Poritrin by Imperial scouts, Padishah Emperor Elrood V decided to demand a tradition-shattering levee of colonists from Old Earth in order to populate the new world. (A lie. The Fremen went on their own, and they weren't fleeing, until much later when they left Poritrin for Dune.) Siridar Baron Charles Mikarrol, rightly fearing a massive revolt among his subjects over the news, instead sent some two million Zensunni nomads to Poritrin against their will, beginning the Zensunni Migration. <i, Robin Harrison Hart of 'the real world Earth,' or Terra and Extra-Terra too, did in fact found the real Templars finally. We're going to start with LA, Edmonton, and California before we move to the Sumerian area. While all of this keeps going, we have the keys to all DUNE lore and all things DUNE. It is a precedent for Copyright law to follow suit on; but sadly unless they obey our laws over their inferior legal systems, it won't work for their Copyrights. Against us, that is. We will not make a boring world. Ever. We have all the history filled-in, better than Frank or Brian expected 'us' to ever...> Small interesting fact, with some arguments already about it: "Fremen were the last to leave English behind." <i, Robin Harrison Hart of 'the real world Earth,' or Terra and Extra-Terra too, did in fact found the real Templars finally. We're going to start with LA, Edmonton, and California before we move to the Sumerian area. While all of this keeps going, we have the keys to all DUNE lore and all things DUNE. It is a precedent for Copyright law to follow suit on; but sadly unless they obey our laws over their inferior legal systems, it won't work for their Copyrights. Against us, that is. We will not make a boring world. Ever. We have all the history filled-in, better than Frank or Brian expected 'us' to ever...><Literally; I, Robin Harrison Hart, took over the DUNE franchise, honorably with intentions to make it better. It is copyrighted to Templar laws, so it can't be touched by their copyright issues. We will be polite, and we won't promise more than that.>

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