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Dune computer game
This article or section refers to elements from one of the Dune computer games.
Dune II - The Maker is an open source remake of Dune II that can run natively on Windows.

The project was declared abandoned in 2013, and the latest version available is Demo 4, which is however playable, only game menus are evidently unfinished. In 2016 the author started reprogramming the game from scratch, this time in multiplatform Java, but as of 2018 that version is far from being complete.

Dune II - The Maker (Demo 4) is very similar to the original Dune II. It grabbed the original graphics and sounds, but graphics have been enhanced a little, especially explosions. It adds a modern interface, including multiple unit selection and a building system with a sidebar, similar to that of Command & Conquer and Dune 2000. Gameplay was balanced by tuning the damage capabilities of unit types against each other; infantry in particular was made more useful than in the original game. An experience system was added, raising units attack strength as they score more kills. The three original campaigns of Dune II are available, in english only. The new skirmish mode allows single-player battles with up to 4 competitors (even of the same house; enemies can also be Sardaukar), free for all, on random maps or on predesigned scenarios (only one scenario available, more could be created by manually editing text files). Computer players in skirmishes have a full AI capable of creating a base from scratch, just like human players.

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