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Dune 2: The Golden Path is a freeware remake of Dune II that can run natively on Windows. The project, started in 2005 with the former name Dune 2: The Sleeper Has Awakened, as of 2017 has reached version 1.1.25, released in September 2015.

Dune 2: The Golden Path is based on the original Dune II, but is focused on multiplayer and has many differences in gameplay. It adds a modern interface, including multiple unit selection, building queue, zoomable graphics. It grabbed the original graphics and sounds, with special additions for some new units and features. These are some of the many new features:

  • New units: Mobile Trading Post, Guard Turret, Flak Trike, Death Hand (as a unit)
  • Damage capabilities of unit types against each other was heavily modified (rock-paper-scissors model).
  • Buildings are placed before their construction process, and can be placed anywhere within a certain distance, regardless of concrete slabs, allowing even to "hop" directly to a separate rock island.
  • Complex behavior of units, including morale, firing accuracy, autonomous choice of target (micromanagement is avoided).
  • House of Ix can research specific technologies to get some benefits.
  • House Corrino, the Fremen and the Spacing Guild can be allied by any house to get some benefits. Mercenaries can be hired by any house.

There are no campaigns, you can only play skirmishes on single-player or multiplayer over LAN or Internet. They allow battles with up to 6 human or computer players, on random maps or predesigned scenarios. Every player can be any of the original three houses, with a different tone of the colour; players controlling the same house will be allied. Computer players have a full AI capable of creating a base from scratch, just like human players.

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