Dune is a forthcoming movie adaptation of Frank Herbert's original novel. It is being made by Paramount Studios and is scheduled for release in 2010.

The movie is set to be directed by Peter Berg, and though a screen writer has yet to be found, its producers apparently aim to keep it faithful to Frank Herbert's original novel.

With the 2010-version of Dune, it is hoped that Peter Berg will merge the best of the David Lynch-version, and the best of the Dune-miniseries. What was great about the Lynch-version was the esoteric dreamy quality of the picture, the stillsuits, the banners and flags, the entrance to the Highliner, the music and the colour scheme of the film.

What was great about the miniseries was the exposition of the Fremen culture, some of the cinematography by Vittorio Storaro (sometimes it was a little intrusive), the way the worms looked, and sticking to the story. I mean, the whole living-in-the-desert feel, worm-spice cycle, the fight between Paul and Jamis, the bribes to the Spacing Guild, the stuff about the Missionaria Protectiva (reverend mother Ramallo), and Liet's story.

That leaves the matter of the internal monologue... I didn't mind it that much in the Lynch-version (perhaps because it contributed to the esoteric dreamy quality), but I also liked the way John Harrison wrote the script for the miniseries around it.

Willem Weitz


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