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Dune: The Lady of Caladan is a 2021 science-fiction novel and sequel to Dune: The Duke of Caladan. Co-written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, the book was published September 21, 2021. The novel is the second in The Caladan Trilogy, a series "focused on Duke Leto, Lady Jessica, and Paul, leading directly to the events in" the original novel Dune.[1]


In the year before DUNE, House Atreides is torn apart, caught in power plays among the Imperium, the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, the CHOAM Company, and House Harkonnen.

Lady Jessica, mother of Paul and consort to Leto Atreides, is torn from her home and her family. Her choices will shape an empire, but first the Lady of Caladan must reckon with her own betrayal of the Bene Gesserit. Refusing to become a pawn, she must decide if her loyalty to the Sisterhood is more important than the love of her own family.

Duke Leto must stand up to corruption and disgrace, refusing to become a pawn in a violent uprising bent on bringing down Emperor Shaddam IV.

Paul, the heir to Caladan, stands with his friends and protectors—Duncan Idaho, Gurney Halleck, and Thufir Hawat—and he must learn to become a true leader before House Atreides spirals out of control.

Meanwhile, complex schemes in the sprawling, corrupt Imperium are accelerating, pulling Lady Jessica, Duke Leto, and Paul on a collision course with destiny.[2]

Plot Summary[]

Lady Jessica Atreides is recalled from Caladan to Wallach IX where she is being held prisoner by the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. She is also to face Lethea, who has declared Jessica and Paul to be dangerous. She is also dying and has many secrets the Sisterhood wants. Jessica is charged with learning those secrets. After Lethea dies, taking her secrets with her, Jessica is sent to be the concubine of Viscount Tool on Elegy. Her assignment is to try and convince Tool to resume sending money to the Sisterhood as his father did. Zora is sent to Caladna to become the concubine of the Duke Leto. With the help of the Viscount, Jessica is able to go to Caladan to warn Paul to be on his guard.

Leto goes to Kaitan to become more influential in the Imperium. He is challenged to a duel by Lord Attik. Before the duel takes place, Attik is poisoned. Leto is blamed and seen by many as a coward. The Count Hasmir Fenring arranges a meeting for a potential wife for Leto, Vica Londine. Their meeting is pleasant and Leto doesn't dislike her but Fenring adds that Leto must ruin her father, Raji, before arrangements can move forward. Leto then decides to go back to Caladan, where Paul has been acting Duke, and has done well. Leto decides he will take another path to get Shaddam's favour by infiltrating Jaxson Aru's rebellion, and exposing it from within. He sends Gurney Halleck to Kaitan with a message for Shaddam and joins Aru, who continues to commit acts of sabotage against Shaddam.

The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is stockpiling huge amounts of spice on Arrakis in a secret facility. He has it smuggled to various people and is making huge profits. He challenges his nephews Glossu Rabban and Feyd-Rautha Harkonnnen to hurt House Atreides in some way to prove their worthiness to become the next Baron. Rabban obtains a blight that cripples the moonfish industry, one of the main industry of Caladan. Fenring has invested heavily in the Caladan industry and is incensed when he learns he has lost all of his money. Feyd chooses to attack through the use of a rogue swordmaster, who heads to Caladan and kills Zora, mistaking her for Jessica. The Baron's spice facility has to be scuttled when it is exposed. Gurney is intercepted on his way to Kaitan, and the message he carries will not be delivered. Instead, the Baron decides to use it to ensure that Leto falls out of any favour in the court.



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