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Dune: Spice Wars is a real time strategy game developed by Shiro Games and published by Funcom and Shiro Games. The game is based on the critically acclaimed universe created by Frank Herbert and the subsequent movie adaptations. It was released in Early Access on Steam for Microsoft Windows on April 26, 2022 and got into version 1.0 on September 14, 2023. It is also available for Xbox Series X/S.

Art direction keeps distance from the previous games and movies and has its own style. Although, it leans to Denis Villeneuve's movies. For example, in the appearance of game's logo, the fact Baron Vladimir is hairless (although other Harkonnen representatives are not), Liet-Kynes is a dark-skinned woman, or the design of units.


A real-time strategy game with 4X elements, from the developers of the critically acclaimed Northgard. Set in Frank Herbert's groundbreaking Dune universe, you must lead your faction and battle for control and dominance over the harsh desert planet of Arrakis.[1]



Spice Wars House Atreides

House Atreides seen within the game in their signature green colour.

A variety of factions can be controlled, including House Atreides and House Harkonnen. Victory can be obtained through a manner of methods, including subterfuge, politics, growth of economy, or straight-up warfare. The game boasts 4X dynamics in real-time.[2]

Developers Shiro Games later announced that the game would feature other groups such as the Spacing Guild and the Fremen; the game is largely based on "groups" and factions rather than houses, but developers confirmed that a variety of houses and non-houses would appear in the game.[3]

Factions and Leaders[]


Prior to each mission, the player has the option of selecting two councillors from a pool of four, to add to their faction's advantages.


After reaching 10k Hegemony, the player can choose between two heroes to recruit as an unit that will influence their whole military strategy.


The factions have access to different units - harvesters, ornithopters, military.

Faction Unit Description Stats
Atreides Trooper
Atreides Ranger
Atreides Heavy Weapon Squad
Atreides Support Drone
Atreides Warden
Atreides Hawk
Atreides Kraken
Harkonnen Trooper
Harkonnen Gunner
Harkonnen Cerberus
Harkonnen Combat Probe
Harkonnen Executioner
Harkonnen Harpy
Harkonnen Overlord
Smugglers Scavenger
Smugglers Wrecker
Smugglers Sniper
Smugglers Scavenging Drone
Smugglers Free Company
Smugglers Banshee
Smugglers Wraith
Fremen Warrior These Fremen fighters are adept at maintaining a high efficiency in the harsh, arid environments of Arrakis. Dune is their homeworld and they will always defend it. Power: 18, Health: 600, Armor: 3, Supply: 100

Cost: 600 Solari, 90 Manpower, 3 Water, 5 Command

Upkeep: 6 Solari, 5 Manpower

Sand tactics: Enemies suffer disorientation when fighting this type of unit: -10% Power, +10% damage received

Fremen Skirmisher
Fremen Infiltrator
Fremen Mobile Turret
Fremen Fedaykin
Fremen Spire
Fremen Altar
Corrino Conscript Swordsman
Corrino Conscript Rifleman
Corrino Incinerator
Corrino Artillery Drone
Corrino Sardaukar
Corrino Hammer
Corrino Cronos
Ecaz Squire
Ecaz Musketeer
Ecaz Fencer
Ecaz War Banner
Ecaz Knight
Ecaz Siren
Ecaz Monument
Vernius Fighting Mek
Vernius Suboid Soldier
Vernius Railgun Drone
Vernius Resonance Drone
Vernius Fight-Engineer
Vernius Spirit
Vernius Folder Relay




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