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The 2024 Dune film adaptation by Denis Villeneuve (Dune: Part Two) continued the musical themes of the preceding half of the adaptation Dune, and released a few singles in addition to the main soundtrack album, all published shortly before the release of the second film. The soundtrack and all related music was composed by Hans Zimmer.

Soundtrack albums[]

The music of the 2024 Dune adaptation, the second half of the story, was published as a main soundtrack album with the official film score, and two additional releases of tracks from the album, as singles.

  • Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Track list[]

Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[]

  • Released by: WaterTower Music
  • Release date: February 23, 2024 (Digital download / Streaming), May 24, 2024 (CD / LP)
  • Runtime: 81:02
  • Producer: Hans Zimmer
  1. Beginnings Are Such Delicate Times || 8:56
  2. Eclipse || 5:13
  3. The Sietch || 2:34
  4. Water of Life || 3:06
  5. A Time of Quiet Between the Storms || 4:21
  6. Harvester Attack || 3:40
  7. Worm Ride || 2:19
  8. Ornithopter Attack || 2:10
  9. Each Man Is a Little War || 1:21
  10. Harkonnen Arena || 5:22
  11. Spice || 0:37
  12. Seduction || 2:02
  13. Never Lose Me || 1:16
  14. Travel South || 1:10
  15. Paul Drinks || 1:47
  16. Resurrection || 2:16
  17. Arrival || 1:40
  18. Southern Messiah || 5:22
  19. The Emperor || 1:38
  20. Worm Army || 3:33
  21. Gurney Battle || 2:25
  22. You Fought Well || 1:42
  23. Kiss The Ring || 3:12
  24. Only I Will Remain || 6:44
  25. Lisan al Gaib || 6:36


  • Released by: WaterTower Music
  • Release date: February 15, 2024
  • Runtime: 8:01
  • Producer: Hans Zimmer
  1. A Time of Quiet Between the Storms || 4:21
  2. Harvester Attack || 3:40


Dune: Part Two (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[]



Behind the scenes[]

  • Composer Hans Zimmer wanted to avoid retreading elements of the music from previous screen adaptations. An early decision was the extensive use of various vocals in the film score, primarily female vocals. Zimmer used Middle Eastern associated instrumentation more sparringly, and augmented it with the use of electric guitar, and even some new instruments he developed purely for help with composing the film's music. Zimmer's own statement on the philosophy behind the score was to evoke music and soundscapes that have a hint of the familiar or historial, but otherwise sound like something that could represent a human society many millennia in the future.
  • The film's music also focuses less on distinct leitmotifs for any individual characters, and more on themes and leitmotifs that evoke a mood or sense of place for a particular location, or a particular faction or group of the Dune universe and their place in the storyline. (Some of the very few characters who have something approaching a distinct personal leitmotif of their own, are Duncan Idaho, and to a lesser extent, Paul Atreides. Paul doesn't have a typical full character theme of his own, but musical elements associated with his character are intertwined with several tracks set in different locations he travels through.)
  • The second film's musical score develops the previously introduced leitmotifs for Arrakis, the Fremen, the Atreides and the Harkonnen, including adding to their greater differentiation in a number of scenes.

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