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Dream Voyager was the title of an update ship which was used by the Synchronized Worlds to keep various Omnius incarnations synchronized prior to the Battle of Corrin. For a while the black and silver ship was piloted by the thinking machine Seurat and the human Vorian Atreides, who named the ship on a whim.

History[edit | edit source]

The ship once arrived on Earth during the Rebellion on Earth. Seurat was piloting the Dream Voyager during the Rebellion on Earth to assist the thinking machines as a tactical transport. Vorian Atreides however changed his allegiance after inspired by Serena Butler and left Seurat alone.

Later, Vorian stole the ship from Seurat and with it, helped Iblis Ginjo and Serena to escape the planet, carrying the body of Manion the Innocent. Agamemnon attempted to destroy them, but Vorian managed to outrun him, cunningly using the gravity force of Jupiter. Agamemnon abandoned the pursuit because of lack in fuel and returned to Earth with the rest of his fuel and thus Vorian managed to bring them to Zimia. Vorian defected to the League of Nobles while Seurat got another update ship. Vorian kept the Voyager as his personal vessel.

Years later, Vorian uploaded a virus to the gelsphere, and went back to find Seurat's ship. When he found it, he put the sphere back and reactivated Seurat who, proceeded to deliver the virus to a few Synchronized Worlds, including Corrin.

After the Battle of Corrin, Vorian took Voyager to explore the universe, far from the Empire.

Apperances[edit | edit source]

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