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Dortujla is a banished Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother on Buzzell dueing the events of Chapterhouse Dune. She is tasked by Darwi Odrade to make contact with the Honored Matre on Junction and set up a meeting between Mother Superior Odrade and the Matre Superior.

Dortujla, the head of a Sisterhood keep on Buzzell, arrives on Chapterhouse reporting that Handlers and their half-man/half-cat enslaved Futars have offered alliance, though Dortujla's Mentat analysis suggests they intend dominance. She speculates that if the Handlers found Buzzell then Matres may too; smugglers would have sold their information indiscriminately. Why have the Honored Matres not already attacked? Odrade sees an opportunity and orders Dortujla to return to Buzzell with the Sisterhood's offer of surrender. Dortujla is to set up a meeting at Junction — the old Spacing Guild complex — which the Matres control. Unbeknownst to them, Miles Teg has intimate experience with Junction from his human life.

Odrade goes to meet the Great Honored Matre with Dortujla and Tamalane. To Odrade's surprise Dama seems cooperative; Odrade wonders whether she was wise to have prearranged the attack. After a while she realizes that Dama intends no reasonable negotiation.

Unfortunately, Dortujla dies in the climax of Chapterhouse Dune.

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