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Doria as advisor of the Mother Commander.

Doria was a high level former Honored Matres aide to Mother Commander Murbella during the time of the beginning of Kralizec, for the New Sisterhood organization. With Murbella's other high level aide, Bellonda, from the Bene Gesserit side of the organization; the two provided crucial advice on matters of state for the group.

Advisor to Murbella[]

Like all Honored Matres, Doria was born and raised communally by aggressive and dominant females. Taught to subject men early on to sexual slavery, Doria was especially adept this practice, as well as the Matres' standard style of martial arts fighting skills. After Murbella's great victory at Junction and Chapterhouse, Doria saw "which way the wind was blowing", and joined Murbella's combined organization, rather than become a rebel Honored Matre.

Murbella appreciated Doria's fighting skills, as well as her ability to project brute force when dealing with the Sisterhood's rivals. During a meeting with the Guild, when Chief Administrator Gorus and Navigator Edrik came to Chapterhouse to ask for a raising of their melange allotment; Doria reminded the Guild numerous times of their dependency on the women's organization.

Chapterhouse Spice Engineer[]

Two years later, as the desertification of Chapterhouse continued with the advancement in size and numbers of sandworms, Murbella promoted Doria, with her nemesis Bellonda, to co-Chief Spice Engineer of the entire planet's eco-system. Doria began a six-year sarcastic cooperative partnership with Bellonda until one day the sarcastic banter between them, gave way to a duel-to-the-death. Concurrently, Murbella came to their outpost for a routine inspection, as Doria finished off Bellonda with a savage severing of her jugular vein. Murbella forced Doria to share memories with Bellonda, and captured the essence of her personality, just as Bellonda died.

Over the next two years, as the needs for melange increased on the Sisterhood, Doria saw the production of the spice increase numerically. Always present in Doria's mind was Bellonda in Other Memory, giving sarcastic adivce and counsel. One day as Doria was examining a new spice blow on the far side of Chapterhouse, she became trapped by a giant eighty foot sandworm. As the sandworm engulfed Doria, her last conscious thoughts were from Bellonda, "Idiot...Now you've killed me twice."