National Lampoon's Doon is a parody of Frank Herbert's Dune, written by Ellis Weiner and published in 1984 by Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster, Inc.) (ISBN 0-671-54144-7), and by Grafton Books (ISBN 0-586-06636-5) the following year.

In Doon, the counterpart of the "spice" drug of Dune is beer, in place of the deserts of Arrakis there are the "sugars" of Doon, and instead of stillsuits (designed to conserve bodily water), there are sweatsuits (intended to induce perspiration). The giant worms of Dune become the giant pretzels of Doon, the counterpart of CHOAM is NOAMCHOMSKI, and the vendetta between feudal houses of Dune is transformed into a rivalry between competing restaurant-owning families. The counterpart of the Arabic-influenced vocabulary of the Fremen of Arrakis is the "Varietese" of the Freedmenmen of Arruckus, in which phrases such as "Stix Nix Hix Pix", "Frisco Legit B.O. Zooms", and "Boffo!" are common. The Bene Gesserit litany against fear becomes the litany against fun: I must not have fun. Fun is the time-killer.

An advertisement in the back of the book promised sequels, including Doon Meshugganah; Men, Women, Children, Pets of Doon; Lord God Help Us, Another Sequel to Doon; The Doon Reference Book, Atlas, and Rhyming Dictionary; and The Doon Catalogue of Quality Menswear for Dad 'n' Lad. Needless to say, these "sequels" existed only conceptually, as a parody of the numerous sequels to Dune.

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