Earl Dominic Vernius of House Vernius

Dominic Vernius was Earl of House Vernius of Ix, and a celebrated military leader during the rule of Elrood IX.

Service in Battle

A once loyal servant of Padishah Emperor Elrood IX, he served admirably in the Ecazi revolts early in his term. It is during this time of civil strife that he developed a close friendship with Duke Paulus Atreides of Caladan.

Post-War Rise

After the war his fief was expanded by the Padishah emperor but he still lusted for the emperor's concubine, Shando. When they she finally left the emperor's service they married, earning Elrood's undying enemity. Years later the still vengeful emperor sponsored a Tleilaxu led revolt on Ix.

Fall and Death

The Earl was forced to take his house renegade and set up bases on Salusa Secundus and Arrakis. His children were protected on Caladan and his wife fled to a remote region of the Imperium where she was eventually exectued by Sardaukar forces. After many years he decided that he would use the family atomics to bomb Kaitain, repeating the fate of Salusa Secundus. After contacting the water merchant Esmar Tuek, he was betrayed by him and Sardaukar forces surrounded his Arrakis base. In the end he detonated a stone burner and took a large number of Sardauker with him.

Behind the Scenes

Dominic Vernius is featured in the prequel novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, but is not mentioned by name by Frank Herbert.

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