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This is a list of books which on this wiki are referred to as documents to distinguish them from the novels.

It refers to fictional documents which exist in the dune universe, as opposed to real documents that exist in our universe by the Herberts that chronicle the Dune universe.


These books do not yet have their authors listed in the wiki:

  • Assassin's Handbook
  • Bene Gesserit Training Manual
  • Conversations with Leto II
  • Dictionary Royal
  • Handbook of the Hajj
  • History of Muad'dib
  • Imperial Dictionary
  • Kalima: The Words of Muad' Dib, the Shuloch Commentary
  • Kitab Al-Ibar
  • Muad'Dib Concordance
  • Muad' Dib Speaks
  • Lessons of Arrakis
  • Leto II: Dar-es-Balat Records
  • Orange Catholic Bible, Revised
  • Palimbasha: Lectures at Sietch Tabr
  • Pirate History of Corrino by unknown
  • Proverbs of Muad' Dib
  • Songs of the Scattering
  • Stilgar, The Commentaries
  • Tagir Mohandis: Conversations with a Friend
  • Teachings of the Golden Path
  • The Almanak en-Ashnof
  • The Apocrypha of Arrakis
  • The Apocrypha of Muad' Dib
  • The Azhar Book
  • The Bene Gesserit Coda
  • The Book of Ghamina
  • The Book of Kreos
  • The Dune Gospels
  • The Dunebook
  • The Dunebuk of Irulan
  • The Ghola Speaks
  • The Hayt Chronicle
  • The Instruction Manual: Missionaria Protectiva
  • The Irulan Report
  • The Journal of Leto II
  • The Mentat Handbook
  • The Oral History
  • The Oral History of Rakis
  • The Panoplia Prophetica
  • The Pedant Heresy
  • The Qizarate Creed
  • The Spacing Guild Handbook
  • The Spacing Guild Manual
  • The Steersman Guide
  • The Stilgar Chronicle
  • The Stolen Journal
  • The Tleilaxu Godbuk
  • The Yiam-el-Din (Book of Judgement)
  • Words of My Father: An Account of Muad' Dib
  • Works of the Mentat
  • Zensunni Codex

Books with known authors[]

By the Commission of Ecumenical Translators[]

  • The Orange Catholic Bible
  • The Orange Catholic Liturgical Manual
  • The Liturgical Manual and the Commentaries

By Harq al-Ada[]

  • Arrakis, The Transformation
  • Lectures of Prescience
  • Leto Atreides II, a Biography
  • Riddles of Arrakis
  • Testament of Arrakis
  • The Book of Leto or the Book Leto
  • The Butlerian Jihad
  • The Dune Catastrophe
  • The Holy Metamorphosis
  • The Mahdinate, an Analysis
  • The Preacher of Arrakeen
  • The Prescient Vision
  • The Story of Liet-Kynes

By Irulan Corrino[]

  • A Child's History of Muad' Dib
  • Analysis: The Arrakeen Crisis
  • Arrakis Awakening
  • Collected Legends of Arrakis
  • Collected Sayings of Muad' Dib
  • Conversations with Muad' Dib
  • Count Fenring: A Profile
  • Dictionary of Muad' Dib
  • In My Father's House
  • Manual of Muad' Dib
  • Muad' Dib, Family Commentaries
  • Muad' Dib, the Man
  • Muad' Dib: The Ninety Nine Wonders of the Universe
  • Muad' Dib: The Religious Issues
  • Private Reflections on Muad' Dib
  • Songs of Muad' Dib
  • The Humanity of Muad' Dib
  • The Wisdom of Muad' Dib
  • Words of Muad'dib