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Duke Demetrios XVII Atreides (2310 AG-2409 AG) lived when Harmhab Menemtahe VI murdered Emperor Basil III at-Tam.

He objected for this to the Landsraad and Harmhab had him arrested. Demetrios was ordered to be publicly whipped, blinde and gelded on successive days, stripped of hi titles and lands and sent to the Imperial zoo displayed as an endagered species Homo perduellionis reus.

When Harmhab was seposed by a revolt, Kenric III ordered Demetrios released and restored to his estate and titles.

Demetrios lived his later years as a gourmet of exotic delicacies and drinks, spending even exorbitant sums only to sample praised dishes, or travel great distances to obtain samples that would not survive transport.

His weight exceeded his age by a factor of five.

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