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Darwi Odrade was the penultimate Bene Gesserit Mother Superior prior to the merger of the Sisterhood with the Honored Matres under her chosen successor Murbella.

Early Life

As with many Reverend Mothers, Odrade was plucked from obscurity at a young age by the Sisterhood, who recognized her genetic traits as holding great promise for their ranks. Odrade's ancestry was predominantly ancient Atreides and Harkonnen genes, and other memory later revealed to her that she bore a strong resemblance to the Lady Jessica. Indeed, her name Odrade meant Atreides.

Odrade was haunted by childhood memories of her birth mother. She also had a tendency toward romanticism and compassion. Such reminiscences and feelings were frowned upon by the Sisterhood, and so Odrade projected them into a secret alter-ego named Sea Child.

Life as a Reverend Mother

As a Reverend Mother, Odrade had come to be regarded as highly skilled, though also a strong risk-taker by her superiors. As a result, Mother Superior Alma Mavis Taraza had come to trust her judgment in a crisis. Taraza sent Odrade to Rakis in order to determine the truth regarding Sheeana, the girl who could apparently control the sandworms there.

Life as Mother Superior

RM Odrade attained de facto Mother Superior rank due to her presence and subsequent sharing with Mother Superior Taraza at her death on Rakis and her elite status within the Bene Gesserit. Her order was not entirely satisfied with this arrangement, but ultimately accepted it due to the developing crisis with the Honored Matres as well as Odrade's successful performance on Rakis in discovering Leto's spice hoard, recruiting of Sheanna Brugh, and capture of sandworm that precipitated the Dune-ification of Chapterhouse.

As Mother Superior, she pioneered the use of axlotl technology within the Bene Gesserit, through which the clone of Miles Teg was born. She also was instrumental in the indoctrination of Murbella, the only Honored Matre to be captured alive in the Old Empire, which led to Murbella becoming the first Reverend Mother/Honored Matre hybrid.


Darwi Odrade was killed by one of Logno's minions, the newly declared Great Honored Matre during the final confrontation between the two groups on Gammu. It seems likely Odrade knew of her imminent death and had accepted it. She was succeeded as Mother Superior by Murbella, a convert to the Bene Gesserit from the Honored Matres.

Mother Superior

As Mother Superior, she interacts deeply with Bellonda and the old Tamalane, the Bene Gesserit High Council. Given the necessity of remaining hidden in Chapterhouse from the Honored Matres for the right moment to attack, Odrade's role as Mother Superior is not precisely easy: she has to deal with several issues: the internal opposition which grows up in the own sisterhood; educating Murbella in the Bene Gesserit ways; bringing up the new clone of their old Bashar, Miles Teg, who was her real father, and which Ghola, if awakened to his old memories, is supposed to lead them to a possible victory. Also, she has to face very tough decisions in order to reproduce the spice cycle in Chapter House: manipulate the Weather Control to change Chapter House surface into a new Arrakis-like desert for the new worms developing there.

Life as an Atreides

In many ways, Darwi Odrade's life resembled that of her Imperial ancestors, the Duke Leto, Muad'Dib, and Leto II. Like them, Odrade possessed natural abilities that made her capable of rising through the ranks of her social structure to a position of leadership relatively quickly, through unconventional but brilliant tactics. Like her ancestors, she was able to use diplomacy, insight, and sometimes violence to achieve her goals. From her position of leadership, she managed to bring about enormous change to her society, for the survival of the human race, but it would be at the cost of her own life. Thus the Atreides legacy had been passed on to her through the eons.

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