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One of the Titans, Dante [d. 88 BG] was the bureaucrat of the group who played a significant role in their efficient but brutal rule, and in their later reemergence.

Dante was not concerned much with the military deeds of Omnius or the Titans and was rather responsible for the administrative tasks, as well as being present in their gatherings.

Dante was one of the three last Titans, along with Agamemnon and Juno. They had already rebelled against Omnius and formed their own empire when finally they ended on Hessra.

When Vorian Atreides came to the planet and sought to join the cymeks in order to save Quentin Butler, Juno and Dante were skeptical and warned Agamemnon not to trust his son.

When Juno and Agamemnon were killed by the two men, Dante was the last Titan left. When he realized his colleagues were dead, he mounted a flying body and moved to seek reinforcements from the other worlds they ruled.

Meanwhile Quentin helped Vorian escape on the Dream Voyager who kept Dante at bay in space above Hessra; Quentin mounted Agamemnon's gigantic flying body.

He explained Vorian that as soon as all the Titans were killed, the failsafe mechanism that kept their subject neos faithful and alive, would fail; this would trigger the death of all neos - including himself. Quentin could never get his body back and could not return to the League as a machine. He pursued Dante until they collided in a suicidal assault.

The Titans was no more, and by the following year all the neocymeks were dead.


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