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Dalak Fenring was the husband of Wensicia Corrino, daughter of the deposed Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV, and the father of Farad'n who resembled of him Dalak. Dalak was introverted and difficult to understand. He was related to Count Hasimir Fenring, with whom he shared dandiness and fanaticism.

After the ascension of House Atreides to the Golden Lion Throne, under Paul Maud'Dib, Wensicia joined her father and his entire family in exile on Salusa Secundus. As an attempt to regain Hasimir Fenring as an ally, Shaddam encouraged Wensicia to marry Dalak, which she did, and subsequently produced a male heir, Farad'n.

Dalak had a complacent personality, and Shaddam considered him very effeminate. As a result, Dalak was not respected in the former Emperor's presence.

To pad his coffers, Dalak sold Corrino family heirlooms off-world, when he was supposed to be making contact with Hasimir. When Dalak returned to Salusa Secundus, Shaddam confronted him with the knowledge of his treachery. Though Dalak denied the charges, Shaddam confronted him with a pistol, and encouraged him to commit suicide, which Dalak refused. When an argument ensued between Supreme Bashar Zum Garon and Shaddam, as to whether or not Garon should shoot Dalak, Wensicia came forth. Wensicia grabbed the pistol from Garon, and fired three shots directly into Dalak's heart, killing him instantly. Though the event occurred directly in front of the toddler Farad'n, Wensicia promised a dead Dalak that she would embellish the image of his father to the little child.

Dune EncyclopediaEdit

Count Dalak is mentioned in the Dune Encyclopedia , but his name is given as Dalak Kenola instead of Fenring.According to the Encyclopedia he died in a suspicious thopter accident in 10204 AG.


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