Mixed Canonicity: This article or section refers to elements from both Original Dune and Expanded Dune.

A Crown Princess was the daughter of a Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe and his Empress Consort, the wife or widow of the Crown Prince, and the recognized heiress apparent to the Golden Lion Throne. The title was historically only held by the members of the Corrino Empire.

The five most famous Crown PrincessesEdit

  • Irulan Corrino -- The eldest daughter of the 81st Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV by his late wife, Lady Anirul Sadow-Tonkin Corrino. Her Extreme Imperial Highness briefly held the title of being the first-born Imperial Crown Princess on Kaitain a long time right before her parents' untimely suspicious death. Upon the apparent deaths of Paul Atreides and his wife, on Arrakis, she rose up to become the Supreme Padishah Goddess-Empress of the Known Universe.
  • Ghanima Atreides I -- The youngest child of Paul Atreides and Chani Kynes, and the twin-sister and wife of Leto Atreides III, who was under the protective guardianship of her adopted stepmother, Irulan. Despite her aunt, Alia Atreides becoming the Abomination, she spend more with her brother better than her childless concubine, Prince Farad'n Corrino.
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