Corrinth City

Corrinth City is the most lavishing and glamorous capital city of the planet Kaitain that was ever establisahed in the Prelude to Dune prequel novel trilogy.

In the Dune: House Harkonnen novel, Abulurd Harkonnen notes how the extravagant beauty of the city differs from his homeworlds of Giedi Prime and Lankiveil:

The towering government buildings of Corrinth City rose around Abulurd Harkonnen like a drug-induced fantasy. In his wildest dreams he had never visualized so many soaring edifices, jeweled inlays, and polished slabs of precious stone ... All those olorful chime kites were tethered to the tall buildings, writhing on breezes in the perpetually blue skies. The prismatic ribbons drifted across the sky and shed rainbows on the flagstones below. Kaitain was obviously more concerned with form than substance.

According to the Dune: House Corrino novel, the citizens of Kaitain stated the whole details:

The fifth Padishah Emperor Hassik Corrino III himself had taxed his subjects nearly into bankruptcy in order to rebuild a governmental infrastructure. While vowing not to be outdone by the Imperial House Corrino, the members of the Landsraad had built their own monuments in the growing city. Within a generation, unremarkable Kaitain had become an awesome spectacle of the Imperial architecture, museums, and bureaucratic self-indulgence.

Corrinth City is the location of many important structures: the Hassik Corrino III Center for the Performing Arts, the Imperial Necropolis, the Imperial Observatory, the Imperial Prison, the Ishaq Corrino XV Hall of the Magnificent Documents, the Landsraad Hall of Oratory, the Imperial Spaceport, the Imperial Opal Palace, and a few more.

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