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Corrin bin Alman bin Henoor was a prince, descendant of emperor Corrin II of House Corrino.

He live during the Regency of Maria Mustami who (after an artificial unrest stimulated by Iraklii Harkonnen) was forced to resign her position in 1680 AG; her successor, Damiano Fulgencio, followed within two weeks, leaving the Landsraad with no Regent, only a loosely organized committee of Great Houses, the Interregnum of 1680-1701 AG.

Iraklii discovered Prince Corrin, and promoted the restoration of the Corrinos as a solution. The pretender was crowned as Corrin IV in 1701 AG ending 2 decades of internecine war. He was the first of the 1st House of Corrin Corrino

One of his first acts was to introduce the House Harkonnen to the ranks of the Great Houses. Iraklii became Baron Saugus, in the Colton Sector (in 1717 AG the Landsraad confirmed this).

Achilleus Atreides however, the richest man in the Imperium used his power to reduce the power of Corrin IV, beginning the Era of the Princes. He was succeeded by his son, Irulon I


Preceded by
Interregnuml eventually Damiano Fulgencio (Regent)
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
1701 AG - 1735 AG
Succeeded by
Irulon I
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