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He was succeeded by his son, [[Elrood III]]
He was succeeded by his son, [[Elrood III]]
{{Succession|Previous=[[Alia I]]|Next=[[Elrood III]]|Years=[[883 AG]]-[[889 AG]]|Title=[[Padishah Emperor/DE|Padishah Emperor]] of the [[Known Universe]]}}
{{Succession|Previous=[[Alia I]]|Next=[[Elrood III]]|Years=[[883 AG]]-[[889 AG]]|Title=[[Padishah Emperor/DE|Emperor]] of the [[Known Universe]]}}
[[category:House Corrino]]
[[category:House of Alman Corrino]]

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Corrin III was the son of Alia I

He was succeeded by his son, Elrood III

Preceded by
Alia I
Emperor of the Known Universe
883 AG-889 AG
Succeeded by
Elrood III
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