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Corrin was a planet that orbited the Sigma Draconis.


Prior to its devastation by atomics, Corrin was a radiation-prone world, due to the red giant status of its star. It was barely habitable to humans, but became a favored location for thinking machines after the rise of Omnius. Indeed, after Earth was reduced to a radioactive husk by the League of Nobles, Corrin became the new location of Omnius Prime. Corrin had long seasons, because its orbit was so far around the giant sun. Winters and summers each lasted for thousands of days.


During the Time of Titans Corrin was ruled by Alexander until he was destroyed by slaves during the First Hrethgir Rebellion, which was crushed by Ajax; soon after however, Omnius came into being and Corrin became a Synchronized World.

After the destruction of Earth and the Earth-Omnius, Corrin-Omnius became Omnius Prime and from there commanded all the Synchronized Worlds.

As a result of the Great Purge Omnius was confined to the planet for several decades, during which time the planet was mined of all its natural resources and was wrung dry. The robotic reinforcements had been depleted over time.

It was eventually turned into a radioactive wasteland by the Army of Humanity during the Battle of Corrin.

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