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A concubine is any consort to a ruling member of a Great House.

Concubines were often taken by ruling members of Great Houses for companionship. This was considered an ideal practice when one wished for other Great Houses to think they were available for alliance through marriage.

Duke Leto Atreides took the Lady Jessica as his concubine. Even though he loved her, he believed that he could one day elevate himself and his House through a political marriage.

Leto's son, Paul Atreides, also took his love Chani as his concubine, so that he could marry Princess Irulan Corrino, legitimise his rule, and ascend to the Golden Lion Throne.

Over the next few decades, Leto Atreides II inherited the throne with his sister-wife, Ghanima at his side after the death of their parents. Irulan's nephew, Prince Farad'n Corrino became Ghanima's concubine.

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