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The Commission of Ecumenical Translators emerged after Butlerian Jihad, when the Spacing Guild and the Bene Gesserit (who foresaw increased opportunities for furthering their own plans) encouraged the leaders of religions to exchange their views.

The CET in the course of 7 years created the Orange Catholic Bible; a revised amalgamation of the ancient holy scriptures, a considerable extension of the traditional canon, and it also abridged and reordered it.

They guaranteed labor for the next generation of scholars, who were engaged in assembling the Azhar Book, which preserves the great secrets of the most ancient faiths and traces the received texts to their origins.

The OCB spread out through the worlds. Some interpreted this as a sign from God, an omen of unity. But the CET delegates when they returned to their respective congregations 18 of them were lynched within two months and 53 recanted within the year.

Members of the CET included Chairman Toure Bomoko and Bertoli who wrote Memoirs from their meetings. They numbered some well published poets among them.


This is a list of the 101 CET faiths as mentioned in the flyleaf of the first edition. Note that 20 of the original C.E.T. were recalled before the work was completed.

  • The Ahmadiyah Christian Council
  • The Assemblies of Allah
  • Astronomical Christian Observers
  • Baptismal Cosmotheists of Shingon
  • Belt Hypostatical Program
  • Ben Kalism in Gangishre
  • The Bhakti Votaries
  • Black Vedantist Conclave
  • The Buddhist Pali Movement
  • The Buddislamic Christian Church of Sikun
  • The Buddislamic Jain Faith of Lankivek
  • The Calvinistic Genetical Determinant Elect Body, Incorporated
  • The Cape Separatist Union
  • The Cathloa Church of Erzulie
  • The Catholic Protestant Tribe of Deri
  • The Catholic Zenvestran Council
  • The Christian Zionist Pilgrims
  • The Church of Eurasia
  • Church of the Holy Atta
  • The Church of Selene
  • Confucian Statists of the Imperium
  • The Congregation of Molitor
  • The Cosmic Charismatic Movement
  • The Cybernetic Reformed Churches
  • The Diasporic Council of Rabbis
  • The Ecumenical Sectarian Council
  • The Episcopalian Methodist Church
  • The Evangelical Missionary Campaign on Position I
  • The Faiths of Beulah
  • The Galacian Orthodox Church
  • The Galactic Spiritual Assembly of Bahais
  • The Great Mother Church
  • The Grummanian Orthodox Establishment
  • The Hasidic Lutheran Dynasty
  • Hasidislamic Union
  • The Hellenic Orthodox Ecclesia
  • The Hinayana Buddhist Way
  • Ikebana Shaktist Order of Anthos
  • The Jain Buddhist Assembly
  • The Jainite Foundation
  • Jerusalem Urbanite Citizens of Nework
  • The Jesuitical Evolutionist Church of Chardin
  • The Kubebe Cultists of Komos
  • The Latin Revivalist Ministers
  • Lican Universalism
  • Lutheran Amida Worshippers
  • Lutheran Catholic United Church
  • The Mahayana Buddhist Union
  • The Mahayana Christian Temple of Enfeil
  • The Mahayana Lankavatara Friends of Truth
  • The Modified Hanuman Church of Siflj
  • The Muadh Quran Faithful on Caladan
  • Muslim Fideists on the Naraj Worlds
  • The Navachristian Church of Chusuk
  • The Nebuloid Dervish Spire
  • The Neomaimomdist Rabbirate
  • New Philadelphia Friends Yearly Meeting
  • The Ommanean Variationists (Reformed)
  • The Orange Protestant Army of True Believers
  • The Ortho-Catholic Circle of Sigma Oracom's
  • The Orthodox Gregorian Chantry
  • Palislamic Fellowship
  • Panafrican Reformed Churches in Union
  • The Ramakrishna Gospel Mission to Biarek
  • The Ray Space Worshippers
  • The Roman Catholic Episcopal Church
  • The Sacerdotal Hermeticists of Bela Tegeuse
  • The Servants of Light, Olaf
  • Socratic Christian Dialoguists, IV Anbus
  • The Solarian Centrist Tradition
  • Space Baptist Mission, Poritrin
  • The Stellar Deist Watchmen of Ix
  • Sugislamic Congregationaiists of Tupali
  • The Sunni Orange Co-operative, Jaf’r
  • The Sunsufi Chapter of Kadrish
  • The Talimidic Zabur Followers, Salusa Secundus
  • The Tantric Rhythmists of Richese
  • Taoist Pilgrims in Space
  • The Tawrah Collegiate, Salusa Secundus
  • The Tendai Fundamentalist Church
  • Tenri Kyo Science in the Galaxy
  • Tenth-Day Adventist Church of Rapide
  • The Terran Orthodox Church of Novebruns Planet
  • The Thomasian Faith
  • The Unitarian Galactic Church
  • The United Church of Rossak
  • The United Moravian Assembly
  • The Universal Hindu Faith Headquarters, Hagal
  • The Universal Pantheist Religion
  • The Vatsyayana Evangelical Mission, Position III
  • The Visionaries of Los Vivekrishnan
  • Disciples The Vudu Reformed Cult
  • The White Kirk of Maclean
  • The Zabulonian Mennonites
  • The Zen Baptist Union
  • The Zen Hekiganshu Faith of in Delta Pavonis
  • The Zenshintoist Imperial Church
  • Zensunni Catholic Amalgamation
  • The Zensunni Wanderers
  • Zoroastrian Dualists of Tupile