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Cogitor was the honorary title given to revered philosophers and scientists during the Old Empire, who chose to transfer their brains into preservation canisters. This action was taken allegedly to permit them to continue their ruminations and creation of their advanced interpretations of the universe.

Interaction with Others[edit | edit source]

Cogitors were famous for their avoidance of sensory stimuli. This extended not only to the prospect of robotic bodies controlled by thoughtrodes but also to interactions with political groups within the intergalactic arena. Cogitors largely stayed secluded in quiet locations such as the City of Introspection or the ice planet Hessra, deliberately to avoid contact with outsiders. Consequently, the thinking machines did not treat them as humans and tolerated their presence even in Synchronized Worlds. As neutral mediators, Cogitors and their Secondaries could freely ask audience from a Machine.

The Cogitor Eklo played a significant role in the rise of the Titans. He and other Cogitors remained on Earth in a monastery; their presence was tolerated by the thinking machines because of their neutrality and isolation. When some fugitive slaves sought refuge in the monastery, Eklo dispatched his human Secondaries to drive them out of concealment to be captured by Iblis Ginjo's hunter team.

Many years later he attempted to rectify his mistakes by interfering with the Ginjo, an action that foreshadowed the Butlerian Jihad, the destruction of Earth, and his own death at the hands of the Titan Juno. Years later on Salusa Secundus, the Cogitor Vidad attempted to broker a peace deal between the League of Nobles and the Thinking Machines. His actions failed and in fact inflamed the two parties conflict even further, thanks once again to Iblis Ginjo.

Known Cogitors[edit | edit source]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Cogitors were perhaps inspired from the B'omarr monks of the Star Wars universe.

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