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" A legend can be an educational tool and a great danger--not only for its followers, but for the subject of the legend himself."
― Chirox

Chirox was a captured combat mek who had originally served under the armed forces of the Omnius Evermind, but later served as a training mek.

Capture and Reprogramming Edit

After being captured, Chirox was studied by the League of Nobles and his weaknesses cataloged. After sufficient tactical information has been learned, he was reprogrammed to serve as a training mek at the mercenary training academy on the planet Ginaz, and given the name Chirox.

Interaction with Norets Edit

Chirox was technically the cause in the accidental death of the famous mercenary Zon Noret. The accident occurred after Zon's talented son Jool had significantly sharpened the robot's reflex subroutines, to better hone his own fighting skills. Unwittingly Zon initiated training exercises before the alterations had been disabled, and was thus overwhelmed by the mek's speed and force.

Despite the loss of his father, Jool Noret continued to used the robot extensively to craft his legendary fighting skills. Noret was reluctant to teach other Jihadis, since he considered himself inadequate, however he allowed pilgrims to watch and learn. After a plea from a Tyndallian, he allowed enthusiast soldiers to train with Chirox.

Subsequently, Chirox played an important role in the training of several generations of mercenaries on Ginaz.

Destruction Edit

Shortly before the Battle of Corrin, Chirox and Istian Goss were lured to Salusa Secundus by the Cult of Serena, who intended to destroy the sacrilegious combat mek. Upon their arrival Chirox was forced to fight the mercenary Nar Trig, whom he subsequently killed. Faced with the wrath of a crowd of cultists, and the subsequent blood bath that would result, Chirox's programming caused him to permanently shut down. Thus he effectively committed suicide.


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