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The following userboxes have been created to allow contributors and editors of Dune Wiki to express their Dune-related opinions in a visual and stylish way.

To include a userbox, edit your user page, and add the following code, tailored to the userbox of your choice:

{{name of the userbox without the "Template:"}}

Do not add userboxes to another user's page unless the boxes are for commending them or for thanking them for a contribution or edit.

To put a template in Category:Userboxes:

  • Use <noinclude>[[Category:Userboxes|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>. The <noinclude> tags are necessary because without them, you end up categorizing all pages that use the template in the template category!
  • Please also note the |{{PAGENAME}} is necessary for your template to be organized alphabeticaly in the Category:Templates.
  • Remember that a template can be put in multiple categories if it belongs to them all!
  • Or, if this is not quite the right category, go back to Category:Templates and try to find a better suited subcategory.

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